7 Marketing Strategies for Your Physical Therapy Clinic During CoVid19

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CoVid19 has created lots of new challenges for physical therapy clinic owners. But with great challenges come great opportunities. Even though times may be tough, there are lots of great strategies you can use to market your physical therapy clinic while staying safe.

1. E-Book

With all of your years of experience, education, and personal experiences creating an E-book could be beneficial for both you and patients. An E-book allows you to share useful knowledge that can be used to help others and market your physical therapy clinic. E-books can be readily shared with people through your email subscribers, Facebook friends and followers, and website visitors.

2. Blog Posts

Blog posts are one of the easiest ways to improve your SEO scores and increase your PT clinic’s digital presence. Ranging from press releases to fun facts and everything in between, blog posts can be utilized as a marketing strategy. The best part about blog posts? They can be easily recycled and repurposed into social media posts, e-blasts, and newsletters.

3. Social Media

Social media is an easy way for you to share your physical therapy clinic’s updates, news, and educational information to a large audience with one post. With the right strategy, your social media platforms can be a major marketing tool for your PT clinic. Not sure how to utilize social media properly? Check out our post on 4 Ways to Make Your Physical Therapy Clinic’s Social Media a Better Resource

4. Webinars

Thanks to CoVid we’ve all become web cam pros. Just because conferences and all the fun has been paused doesn’t mean the knowledge and information has to stop being shared. Putting together a webinar through your PT clinic is a great way to share your industry knowledge with other industry leaders and stay connected. Webinars can be distributed for free as an incentive to stay in connection with you and your clinic. On the other hand, webinars can be used to drive revenue during slow periods.

5. Videos

Now that we’re all more comfortable on camera, creating and sharing videos should be easy. But of what you ask? You can create videos of simple stretches and exercises, informational interviews, or share fun happenings. Videos can be easily shared and repurposed onto multiple platforms, which makes them extremely versatile and useful. Whether you choose TikTok, Reels, IGTV, YouTube or Facebook, your content is easily accessible and shareable.

6. Paid Ads

Paid ads may seem intimidating but they’re actually quite affordable and sensible. In the past, paid ads might cost you upwards of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Today, paid ads can cost you pennies a day. Facebook and Instagram now allow you to pay as little as $5 a day to share an ad for your physical therapy clinic and show it to hundreds and thousands of people. Additionally, Google ads cost equally as little and have a similar positive effect on your ROI.

7. Local Press

While the Internet and social media is a wonderful way to reach people from all over the world, it’s important not to forget your local community. Reaching out to your local press for ad space or inquire about a weekly or monthly column. You can utilize your local press to share updates, information, or even personal anecdotes that help your community get to know you.

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