6 Updates Your Clinic’s FAQ Page Needs for 2022

It’s a new year, which means you might have some new updates to your clinic. Your clinic’s FAQ page is an important window into who your clinic is, what it’s all about, and helps those new to PT learn what they’re in for. Whether you’ve added something new to your clinic or not, it’s always a great idea to give that FAQ page a refresh. If you’re stumped on what to update, check out this list of 6 updates to make to your physical therapy clinic’s FAQ page in 2022.

1) Update any new hours

Between state and federal restrictions for businesses during covid and any changes you’ve made for your own sanity and safety, your hours may have changed. Update days and times that have changed recently. Don’t forget to update these days and times on popular sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google, and any other search engines you may be on.

2) Update any locations you may have added in the last year

Congrats on adding a new location! Growth is both exciting and scary and with it comes a lot of change. Updating locations on your FAQ pages can help keep everyone in the loop. If your new location has its own website, don’t forget to link to the new site.  This makes it easy for people to find out information on the new location like address, hours, providers, and services provided.

3) Update insurance information

If you accept insurance it’s about that time to update which insurance providers you accept. Open enrollment season is almost over and you may have changed which providers you do and don’t accept.y It also might be useful to include here what additional options are available for payment for those who choose not to use insurance.

4) Update contact information

Contact information extends beyond just your phone number. Double-check that your email address is correct and any other possible points of contact are correct. This can include things like your social media handles and usernames.  This just makes it easier for your clients and potential clients to find you and get ahold of you.

5) Update any new service options

New year, new services. If you’ve chosen to expand your offerings don’t be shy, let the world know! This could include options like massage therapy, acupuncture, or even fitness classes like yoga or pilates. If you do have new services make sure to include information on how to book, when they happen, and any health and safety protocols necessary to participate in the service.

6) Update your health and safety protocols

Thanks to covid we all have become more cognizant of how we live, work, and play around those who may be sick or experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms. It’s more than likely that your health and safety protocols have changed and there is important information both your new and current patients need to know. Even if your health and safety protocols haven’t changed all that much, keeping the information in an easy-to-find place is always a good call.

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