5 Ways to Get Your Workout on In Las Vegas

Vegas, Baby!

We’re only a month away from this year’s 2018 Rehab Summit in Las Vegas! EcoPro will be in there along with a ton of amazing rehab professionals. To help our fellow rehabbers stay healthy during the 3-day event, we’ve put together a list of our top picks for getting in that pre- or post-conference workout.

The Obvious

Before we dive into our top recommendations for Vegas workouts, let’s clear up a couple more obvious notes:

  • Vegas is hot. Like, the surface of the sun hot. It’s not uncommon for late July temps to easily hit well over 100. If you want to check out one of our outdoor workout spots or runs, you will want to consider going earlier in the morning or at the end of the day so you literally don’t die!
  • Almost every hotel on the strip has its own gym. If you’re hard-pressed for time or need a longer mid-day workout, simply hit up your hotel gym. Remember, not all hotel gyms are created equal, so check with the front desk first. Some are included in your rate while others may require additional fees.

Our Top Las Vegas Workout Spots

Running the Strip

Las Vegas Strip

Slip on those running shoes, grab your earbuds, and get your run on! When it comes to getting your jog on, nothing can beat the towering heights, sites, and sounds of the long stretch of resort hotels known as the Las Vegas Strip. Sky bridges, sidewalks, and wide crossways make running on the strip a logistical breeze. Of course, the earlier the better if you plan to use the Vegas Strip as your personal running track as crowds of tourists, vacationers, and fellow conference attendees will clog the sidewalks later in the day.

If the strip is not to your liking, there are other running options as well.  Check out this article for some other running route options in and around Vegas.

Cost: FREE


Yoga Two Ways

Want to get your yoga on while attending the Rehab Summit conference? Vegas has you covered. While there are hundreds of potential classes, two yoga opportunities are uniquely Vegas.

Dolphin Yoga Class At The Mirage

Taking place inside an actual dolphin enclosure, you can get your downward dog on while enjoying the sites and sounds of frolicking dolphins a mere foot away. Classes are offered Friday – Sunday at the Mirage, and they do sell out ahead of time.

Cost:  $50 for An Hour-Long Class


Outdoor Yoga at Neon Museum

Surround yourself with the brightest lights of Vegas’s past by taking a yoga class at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. A virtual graveyard of the antique and retro neon lights that once graced the Vegas strip of yester-years, tour the sites and sounds of the museum before taking part in an unforgettable yoga event.  Outdoor yoga classes are held on Saturday afternoons. Temperatures can hit 100, so be sure to bring plenty of water. You also need to bring your own mat.

       Cost: $18 for An Hour-Long Class


Get Your Hike On

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Take a break from the strip, and head 20 miles outside of town to the beautiful Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  Get your desert on as you hike along breathtaking ridges through the Mojave Desert. You can also take the opportunity to do a bit of climbing if you’re so inclined.

       Cost: FREE

Vegas Knows SUP

Lake Las Vegas Water Sports


30 minutes from the strip and surrounded by desert mountains, Lake Las Vegas is a 320-acre lake that provides the perfect respite from the Vegas crowds and sun. Located right on the beach at the Lake Las Vegas Westin Hotel, conference attendees can rent stand-up-paddle board by the hour to get their workout on while enjoying the picturesque beauty of Lake Las Vegas.

     Cost: $25 Per Hour

Master the Stairs

Multiple Locations

If your idea of a good workout is working your way up and down a flight of stairs, Vegas has you covered. There are a myriad of options for stair masters attending this year’s Rehab Summit conference. All along the Vegas strip are various sky bridges and parking garages that are accessible by stairs. Early morning strip walkers will regularly see locals and tourists alike getting their workout on using these stairs. Larger hotels are also a solid option for stairs. Simply locate your hotel’s stairwell and start climbing the 30+ floors of sweat-inducing stairways.  The 106 stairs at Majestic park are also a great option.

Cost:  FREE

We’re excited to be part of this year’s Rehab Summit conference! If you’re attending, be sure to stop by Booth #203 to learn more about how the EcoPro Pillow Cover can save your clinic time and money.

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