5 Email Ideas for Your List

Email lists are a great way to stay in touch with past, present, and even future patients. Email marketing is a powerful tool that helps drive value, establish your clinic as an industry-leader, and helps keep an open line of communication between you and patients. But, like anything requiring repetition, it can get a little….mundane. Here are 5 ideas to keep your email list excited and engaged.

1) Tell your personal story

Your personal story is what has helped you connect with your patients. Being able to share your highs, lows, lessons and learnings has been instrumental in maintaining these strong connections. While it might seem scary at first to share your personal story via email (who knows where it might end up), you can rest assured that your email list will appreciate the vulnerability. You don’t have to share anything too deep. In fact, it can be as simple as sharing your journey and passion for physical therapy. Or,  your journey as a PT practitioner and clinic owner. But honestly, it can be any personal story you may have that you believe to be inspiring or interesting. Hey, everyone loves a good story even if there isn’t a deep lesson involved.

2) Email your latest blog

Does your PT clinic post weekly or regular blog posts? Even though you may assume that everyone who wants to read it is reading your blog, that may not be the case. Using your email list to share your latest blog post can help it reach fresh eyes and hungry audiences. If you haven’t written a blog in awhile or you’ve written many you can send out a blog round up! Sharing your latest blog posts can act as a form of a newsletter that keeps your audience “in the know.” And who doesn’t like being in the know?

3) Share a Lesson You Learned

Have you gone through something recently? Maybe it was a funny moment in traffic that led to a profound realization. Or perhaps you’ve experienced a difficulty that helped shape your character. Sharing lessons can help humanize your PT clinic and share valuable lessons someone might need to hear. This lesson doesn’t have to necessarily be PT related. This could be a lesson you learned that helped further your professional or personal development.

4) Highlight New Promotions or Services

If your clinic offers additional services beyond traditional physical therapy, you definitely want to let your email list know what’s up. Maybe you’ve added something unique like cupping or acupuncture or maybe you’re offering package deals. Whatever you’ve got going on, get the word out via your email list. To sweeten the pot, you can offer exclusive discounts to your email list subscribers to encourage subscribers to use the promotion or try the new service.

5) Share Upcoming Events

All work and no play makes for a dull life! Celebrating and sharing new learnings with your patients is one of the best parts about owning a PT clinic! Open houses, anniversary party, or maybe just a fun get together you’re hosting to celebrate health and wellness are great ideas to share with your email audience. Now that Covid is mostly under control and the necessary precautions are better understood, in-person events are safe and fun to connect with your subscribers offline.

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