4 Ways to Reduce Your Physical Therapy Clinic’s Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is the percentage of carbon produced from using water, creating waste, and traveling. While it’s nearly impossible to have a 0% carbon footprint, it is possible to reduce your percentage. Just like you as an individual have a carbon footprint, your physical therapy clinic has one too. From your clinic’s water usage to swapping out your bulbs for energy-efficient bulbs, here are a few tips on how to reduce your physical therapy clinic’s carbon footprint.

1) Reduce Water Usage

Did you know that a single, full-time physical therapist wastes over 5200 gallons of water annually on laundering pillowcases? By using a reusable, vinyl pillow cover like EcoPro you can save, at minimum, 5200 gallons of water per year. Additionally, switching to automatic faucets and low-flow toilets reduces the amount of water your clinic staff uses each day.

2) Swap Out Your Non-Energy Efficient Bulbs

If you’re not using CFLs or LEDs in your clinic, it’s time to switch. 90% of the energy given off in a non-energy efficient light bulb is heat.  LEDs use only 20-25% of energy and last 8 to 25 times longer than old lightbulbs. New lightbulbs come in a variety of color shades that are often more conducive to happier, healthier, and brighter indoor environments.

3) Invest in Green Technology

If you can, investing in solar or wind technology to help power your clinic is a great way to reduce your clinic’s dependence on fossil fuels. Check with your city or state to see if your PT clinic can benefit from green tax credits by switching to a full or partially green-tech powered. Your pockets and the Earth will thank you!

4) Reward Your Staff for Using Alternative Modes of Transportation

Buses, carpools, and biking to work should all be methods that you as a clinic owner should reward your staff with. These alternative methods of transportation reduce individual carbon footprints and can help make a huge difference in your community.


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