4 Reasons Why Your Acupuncture Office Needs EcoPro Pillow Covers

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Does your acupuncture clinic struggle with revenue loss from employee overtime due to washing cloth pillow covers? Or maybe you and your staff are tired of having to take home cloth pillow covers to wash at home. Wherever your acupuncture clinic and staff are at with washing, EcoPro Pillow Covers offer you a simple solution.

What are EcoPro Pillow Covers?

Proudly made in the USA, EcoPro Pillow Covers are made from soft faux leather material, PVC free, and antimicrobial vinyl. Fitting a standard pillow size, EcoPro Pillow Covers make switching easy!

Why EcoPro Pillow Covers?

Aside from the fact that they eliminate the need to wash cloth pillow covers, EcoPro Pillow Covers save your acupuncture clinic time, money, and help the environment.

Save your acupuncture clinic anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 dollars annually per acupuncturist with a simple swap. Additionally, your acupuncture clinic can save about 5,200 gallons of water per year, per acupuncturist.

Still not convinced? Check out these 4 reasons why your acupuncture clinic needs to make the switch!

Easy to Sanitize

Unlike traditional cloth pillow covers, which take upwards of an hour to wash and dry, EcoPro Pillow Covers are easy to clean. In just five minutes, you can easily sanitize your your pillow cover and quickly get back to treating your patients.

We offer easy to spray sanitization bottles that you can fill with your favorite spray sanitizer.

Get Back to Caring for Your Patients Faster

As an acupuncturist, your number one mission is to make your patients feel good. Unfortunately, with traditional cloth pillow covers you may be consumed with wash and dry duties. You may even possibly run out of cloth pillow covers which poses an additional block–keeping you from helping patients.

With EcoPro Pillow Covers you can get back to caring for your patients faster thanks to the easy to clean surface. No more switching out cloth covers in between patients.

Save Water

Did you know washing traditional pillowcases can use up to 5,200 gallons of water per year, per acupuncturist? Join us in our mission to support water conservation and make the switch! When we started EcoPro, we knew that we wanted water conservation to be at the core of our mission. With every pillow cover you buy, 1% of your sale will go directly to www.water.org.

Help us help water.org provide access to clean water to disenfranchised individuals and communities all over the world.

Save Money

The cost of washing cloth pillow covers or using paper covers can cost upwards of $1,000 to $3,000 per acupuncturist. Whether you require your staff to wash their cloth pillow covers on their own, or you purchase the paper covers for the office, saving an extra $1,000 to $3,000 a year can make a huge difference.

How could your acupuncture clinic benefit from an extra $1,000 to $3,000 a year per acupuncturist.

Make the Switch Today

Make the switch to EcoPro Pillow Covers today and start saving time, money, water, and get back to caring for your patients.

Save money with EcoPro Pillow Covers now

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