4 Industries That Should Make the Switch to EcoPro Pillow Covers

We admit it, we talk a lot (and we mean a lot) about how the EcoPro pillow cover is perfect for outpatient physical therapy. However, did you know they are also perfect for other healthcare environments and professions?   We’re physical therapists ourselves. So we tend to focus on what we know, which is of course physical therapy. But, we designed the EcoPro pillow cover to work in any industry that uses a pillow.  Since we launched, we’ve helped hundreds of physical therapy clinics save thousands of dollars and hours on laundry.  We know we can do the same for other healthcare professions as well.

Many of our current customers are surprised to learn of the breadth of other healthcare fields who also use, and should be using our eco-friendly pillow covers. Here are four of our favorites.



4 Industries Using EcoPro Pillow Covers

Gym/home based physical therapy

Whether your business is providing outpatient physical therapy services in someone’s home, or you rent a small space inside a traditional or cross-fit gym, this is an ideal scenario for the EcoPro pillow cover.  Most of these businesses don’t have easy access to laundry facilities. This means that the majority of laundry being done happens at home and at the end of a busy work day.


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is another industry that relies on the use of multiple pillows to make clients comfortable during a massage.  This can lead to a significant volume of laundry depending on the number of clients seen each day.

What’s more, for the massage therapist that travels to a client’s homes, stocking and changing out extra pillowcases can be a huge hassle. It’s far easier to switch to a pillow cover that you can spray and wipe clean with the same chemicals you use to clean your massage table.


Acupuncture Clinics

Similar to massage therapy, acupuncture relies on cleaning surfaces and changing pillowcases between clients.   Many acupuncture clinics do not have in-house laundry facilities. This means the burden of laundry typically falls on the owners or staff after hours.


Athletic Training Rooms

From rehab after surgery to pre or post-game treatments, athletic training rooms are a fixture in professional, college and high school athletics.  Most training rooms are fairly self-contained. The responsibility for cleaning equipment and doing laundry falls to student trainers or sometimes the ATC’s themselves.  By switching to the EcoPro Pillow Cover, everyone saves valuable time and energy by reducing the amount of time they spend laundering cloth pillowcases.

Don’t see your profession on the list?  No problem! The truth is almost any health care practitioner that uses pillows can reap the rewards. If you find yourself constantly in the midst of a never-ending pile of pillowcase laundry we implore you to break the cycle! Switch to the EcoPro pillow cover today.

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