3 Ways to Update Your PT Clinic to Entice New Patients

Looking for new ways to entice new patients? You may instinctively want to offer discounted rates, up your hours, or even offer a new service. All of which is great, however, there are a few different things you can try before you commit to something as permanent as new hours or new services.  From updating your website to improving your patient experience, these are our top 3 ways you can update your PT clinic to entice new patients.


1) Update Your Website

If your website looks like a time capsule that’s frozen in 2006, it’s time for an update. Today’s web host sites make it easy for you to quickly update your website to look clean, modern, and attractive to new patients. Additionally, you should be creating a website that’s designed for mobile. 54.8% of web traffic is coming from users on mobile. Some tips on optimizing your site for mobile include:

  • Load Time: people are more likely to bounce off a website if it takes longer than 3-5 seconds for the site to load
  • Too Wordy: In today’s busy world many people not only do not have time to read but just don’t want to. Keep the wording on your website short, sweet, and to the point.
  • Not Optimized for Mobile: The website you design for desktop is not going to look the same on mobile. Make sure that you’re designing a website that looks good both on desktop and on mobile.

2) Update Your Digital Marketing Materials

Your digital marketing materials are ready for a refresh! If you’ve updated your PT clinic’s logo, have new services, or maybe it’s just time for something new, updating your digital marketing materials can help catch the eye of new patients. Updating your marketing materials can help inspire new marketing campaigns for email, social, or even both! Digital marketing materials can include:

  • Fresh new logo
  • Updated images
  • Fresh new copy on your website

3) Update the Patient Experience

From online booking to telehealth service options, the patient experience extends well beyond the in-office. Creating a more digital patient experience from start to finish can be attractive to those patients who prefer to do much of their life online.

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Brook Phillips