3 Ways to Reduce Your Water Usage at Your PT Clinic

ecopro water conservation. 3 ways to reduce your water usage at your PT clinic

Water is a fundamental part of your daily life, inside and outside of the clinic. However, excessive water usage can create an adverse impact on costs to run and manage your clinic. Additionally, excessive water use is bad for the environment; and depending on where your clinic is located, you may be subjected to fines for over-use.

With these 3 tips, you can help do your part in water conservation.

Switch to EcoPro Pillow Covers

There’s so many good reasons to switch to EcoPro pillow covers but our favorite is water conservation! Washing pillowcases use 5,200 gallons of water per year for each PT in your office. Even at a small office of 4 physical therapists can use up to 20,000+ gallons annually.

Use Waterless Hand Sanitizing

Washing your hands after every patient is not only time consuming, but it can also waste lots of water. Washing your hands is important but according to the USDA, nearly 97% of people wash their hands incorrectly. Germs cannot be seen, felt, or smelt. This means if you’re not washing your hands for the full 20-second recommendation and drying on a clean towel, you’re likely not getting rid of all the germs on your hands; thus wasting time and water.

Switching to waterless hand sanitizing saves time, water, and ensures that you’re effectively killing of germs and bacteria on the surface of your hands.

Automatic Sinks

We all know not to let the sink run absentmindedly, but no one is perfect. Automatic sinks help prevent those forgetful moments, reduce leaks, and keep water usage down. With automatic sinks, you never have to worry about staff or patients forgetting to turn off the sink or not turning it off properly.

Automatic sinks also prevent the spread of germs. As we just learned, not everyone washes their hands correctly. As a result, tons of germs are hanging out on the faucet handles. In fact, according to an NSF study on International Household Germs, 9% of bathroom faucets have Coliform. Avoid the germs and switch to automatic sinks.

Go Green With Help From EcoPro

Curious to learn more about EcoPro pillow covers? If you’re not ready to commit to the switch, you can request a sample fabric kit! Did you know that we donate 1% of every sale to Water.org? Water conservation is more than just an interest, it’s our passion. Learn more about our mission behind EcoPro Reusable Pillow Covers and make the switch!

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