3 Ways to Drive Patient Referrals for Your PT Clinic

In physical therapy, referrals from your patients have been one of this industry’s tried and true methods. Referral marketing helps you save on marketing and advertising costs, helps deepen your relationships with patients, and sustains your practice for many years. Although, referrals always seem to be a high and slow season.


However, it doesn’t always have to be like this. We’ve chosen our six favorite ways to drive patient referrals all year!

Use Video Testimonial

As you probably already know and have heard, it’s all about videos nowadays regarding marketing. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Video testimonials offer potential patient referrals an opportunity to experience your practice and services in a way that translates better than words. Video testimonials can allow patients to put their experiences into words without the pressure of coming up with something written. Referral can see how you handle your patients and get a better read on you and your physical therapy practice.


Wow Your Current Patients

New patients are all well and good but it’s your current patients who are going to be driving those referrals. Give them something good to talk about by making their experience with treatment one to remember. Starting with the front desk and ending with the goodbye, impressing your current patients with all-star treatment and helpful education can have immense positive benefits on your patient referral program.


Make it Easy to Refer Patients

One of the most significant barriers in patient referral programs is the barrier to entry. Make it easy for patients to pass your information to their friends, family, and coworkers. A referral card, brochure, or QR code that leads directly to an appointment landing page are great ways to make referrals easy. Current patients should be given materials for referring new patients each time they come for treatment. Sweeten the pot by offering gift cards or reward for patients who refer the most new patients. Or a little something that just says, “thank you for even trying.”




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Brook Phillips