3 Tips to Improve Your PT Clinic’s Online Visibility

As an owner or manager of a physical therapy clinic, you’ve done your best to ensure your clinic is a success. You have made an awesome website, you’re active on social media, you’re even dabbling in online advertising. Yet, even with all of those tools, it’s not uncommon to hear from patients and partners alike that it’s still difficult to find your clinic online. Increasing your visibility online can help capture new patients, attract new clinicians, and improve your overall patient experience.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite tips sure to improve your clinic’s online visibility.

Improve Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Whether you’re familiar with this word or not, strong SEO practices are essential to improving your online visibility. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving your site’s ranking on search result pages. The higher you are on the list, the more organic traffic you’ll receive from Google (and to a lesser extent Bing).

If someone were to search for “physical therapy near me”, you would want your practice to come up, organically, in the Top 3 results.

To improve your SEO, start by looking at how your site is optimized for specific keywords. A keyword is simply a word or phrase someone types in a search engine to begin their search.

As a best practice, your website should have your target keywords in the headlines and copy of each page that match what your patients are searching for. Some common keyword examples for physical therapy clinics are:

  • PT
  • Physical therapy
  • Physical therapist
  • PT practice
  • PT clinic

Or any variation of the above with the added “near me”.

If you’re new to SEO and keyword optimization, there are plenty of resources online that can help you maximize your website’s potential.

Review Sites

Review sites can be a strong driver of qualified site traffic. It doesn’t matter if your practice is new or longstanding, you should have a profile on at least one review site. Having a strong profile of review typically rewards you with a more visible profile on the review site in question. The more reviews you have (especially 4 or 5 star), the more visibility you’re rewarded with on Yelp or Google.

Additionally, many of these review sites also tend to rank in search results. This provides your business with even more opportunities to show off your brand and drive site traffic. It’s not uncommon for well-reviewed PT clinics to show up 3 or 4 times on a Google Search thanks (in a large part) to their presence on review sites.

For even more tips and strategies for improving your PT Clinic’s review site presence, check out our blog post here.

Stay Active on Social Media

Whether you love social media or not, one thing is for sure. It is an essential part of improving online visibility. Staying active on social media by

  • Posting content daily
  • Engaging with followers and fans
  • Sharing useful, relevant, and interesting content created by you or 3rd-party articles
  • Sharing your patient’s progress (with their permission and after ensuring all regulatory requirements are met)

A few of our favorite PT clinic accounts to emulate are @Moveu_official and @Joetherapy. Both accounts do an excellent job of creating valuable content that benefits, not only their patients, but their followers as well. Thanks to social media and the Internet, you can essentially take your knowledge and practice global!

Online Success

With only a few more weeks left of 2018, you still have time to get a jump start on making the most of your online presence. Take these tips with you into 2019 and watch your visibility (and patient count) blossom!

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