3 Easy Ways to Improve the Patient Experience with $0 Dollars

You don’t need fancy coffee machines and brand-new tech to make a positive patient experience even better. A better patient experience can be created simply by saying their name, updating your website, and giving your patients space to talk. Improving your patient experience not only benefits your patient but your staff and clinic as well. When you improve your physical therapy clinic’s patient experience, you open up the door for an increase in patient referrals, return patients, happier staff, and happier and healthier patients.

If these all sound like wins to you and your PT clinic, here’s how to improve your patient’s experience (especially on the 1st visit).

1) Say Their Name

Destiney’s Child was on to something when they sang “Say My Name.” Hearing your name can have a positive effect on your brain and can improve mental retention. Saying your patient’s name can improve your relationship, increase mental retention, and it just makes your patient feel special. In fact, hearing one’s own name actually causes your brain to release serotonin, the feel-good chemical.

2) Update Your Website

Before you ever meet your new patients they’re going to meet you… online. Your website is your first introduction to new patients and will set the tone for your relationship with them. Is your website clean, easy to navigate, and answers all of a new patient’s questions? If you aren’t sure about any of these answers, you might want to take a look and see where your site can improve. Even if you did answer yes, you still should take a look, you never know what you might be missing or need to fix.

3) Let Them Talk

You may be the PT expert but they’re the expert on themselves and their pain. Giving them space and time to talk can improve your patient experience. Oftentimes patients feel like they don’t have the space to really express how they’re feeling. When you give patients the floor to express themselves, you’re giving them an opportunity to build trust and respect for you. But don’t just let them talk. Make sure that you’re also really listening. Asking questions and taking notes are great ways to show your patients not only are you listening but that you care.

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Brook Phillips