Market Your Physical Therapy Clinic’s Telehealth Services with These 3 Tips

Telehealth might not be a totally new concept but for many patients and providers, navigating Telehealth services can feel like the 21st century wild west. If you’re struggling to convert in-person patients, current or prospective, here are 3 ways you can market your physical therapy clinic’s Telehealth services.


If the telepathic signals aren’t working then it might be time for you to verbalize your Telehealth services. Part of your struggle may be that patients aren’t 100% sure what exactly Telehealth services are, let alone which ones you offer. In fact, you may not even be 100% sure either.

Take some time to sit down and lay out exactly which services you plan to offer, what they include, and how any payment or insurance information that may be helpful.

First, take to social media to reach your followers, friends, and family. Second, start utilizing. your Email is one of the best ways to individually target past and present patients who may benefit from Telehealth services. Finally, don’t forget to update your website to reflect your new Telehealth options.


With remote physical therapy, one of the biggest hurdles to converting in-person patients to Telehealth is the unfamiliarity. While change can be good, for many people it can be downright scary; especially if these are patients suffering with chronic pain or injury.

Create and publicize easily accessible education materials like FAQs, informational walkthroughs, benefits, and testimonials from past patients. Additionally, it’s important that you anticipate some common questions that individuals may have prior, during, or after their treatment.


As a physical therapy clinic owner you probably already understand the importance of differentiating your clinic from another. Even though Telehealth, at its core, is relatively the same, the services and offerings you provide can and should be different from your competitors.

Sit down and find out what makes your Telehealth services different. Perhaps you market strictly as a cash-based option. Or maybe you choose to offer your Telehealth services to Medicare or Medicaid patients only. Whatever it is that you decide that makes your Telehealth services different, make sure that you communicate these unique differences.

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