Make The New Patient Experience More Seamless at Your Physical Therapy Clinic With These 4 Tips

Attracting new patients is a unique challenge. With so many options and competitors in your area, it’s no easy feat to get a new patient into your clinic. But, once you’ve piqued their interest you now have to get them to book. As you know, taking on a new patient requires lots of paperwork and for many new patients, that can be a deterrent. Make your new patient in-take more seamless with these 4 tips.

Allow Patients to Book a Consultation Online

We don’t have to tell you that everything is basically online now. Thanks to Covid and the integration of tech into our daily lives, online consultation bookings should be a normal part of your physical therapy practice. Many patients are busy or don’t have the time to possibly wait on the phone to book. Having an online booking system allows new patients to book and fill out important documentation prior to their initial visit.

Keep it Timely

Reach out to new patients in a timely manner once they’ve booked a consultation. Use this phone call or email to remind them of any vital documentation they’ll need upon arrival of their first visit. If they haven’t filled out the documentation from when they booked online, remind them that it will be easier and smoother for them if they do so at home.

Make Intake Forms Digital

Intake forms can be daunting for new patients. With lots of personal questions, intake forms can take upwards of 20 minutes or more. Making intake forms digital allows new patients to fill out the paperwork at their own leisure leading up to their first appointment. Additionally, if they have any questions about the intake form before their appointment this allows them plenty of time to reach out.

Make Check-In Self-Service

Self-service tablets are an easy and safe way to get patients checked in. Patients no longer have to wait in a long line to check-in and can easily fill out any missing paperwork they weren’t able to get to prior to the first appointment. Self-service check-ins also prevent any mishaps like overlooking a patient who may have been waiting a long time.

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