Make Over Your Clinic with These 4 Affordable Updates

Feeling like your physical therapy office is looking a little drab? Maybe it needs a little TLC after 2020 came through it like a wrecking ball? Or perhaps you just are ready for something new and fresh? Whether you’re tight on cash or just need a simple refresh, these 4 affordable updates can help freshen up your PT clinic.

1) Get organized

That paper pile you’ve been avoiding? The junk drawer in the employee lounge? Or maybe it’s the cluttered inboxes you’ve been avoiding. Whatever clutter, junk, and debris you’ve been putting off until “you have a free day,” well, it’s time to deal with it. Toss out anything you’re no longer using, go through your spam and other inboxes, organize your office space, front desk, waiting area, and clinic rooms. It’s amazing what a clean and clutter-free physical and digital space can have on our physical and mental health.

2) Deep clean any fabrics or furniture

When was the last time you deep cleaned your fabric covered chairs in the waiting area? With few to no waiting patients, this is the perfect time to clean the fabric and furniture in your clinic. You can rent a professional fabric cleaner from your local hardware store or choose from a wide range of retail options that work just as good, if not better, than the professional options.

3) Bring the outside in

Plants aren’t just for childless Millenials. Plants in your office are a great way to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety. Bring the outdoors inside with easy to care for plants like, pothos, air plants, and succulents. The calming effects plants have both on staff and patients can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of therapy treatments.

4) Update the lighting

Are you still using harsh fluorescent lighting? Update the lighting to soft, natural lighting. Better yet, try to utilize natural sunlight as often as possible. According to a study, which examined the impact of windows and daylight exposure on overall health and sleep quality of office workers, offices with natural light supported healthy bodily functions. Avoiding overbearing, fluorescent lighting, or too dim of lighting proved to keep both staff and patients comfortable, rejuvenated, and motivated.

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