How to Solicit Patient Testimonials

If you are a private physical therapy clinic looking to grow then patient testimonials are one of your best growth strategies. By tapping into your existing client base to help you gain new patients you gain highly-sought-after insight that can be used to improve your patient experience. But how do you solicit testimonials? It’s as simple as asking! Check out our top 3 tips for soliciting patient testimonials.

Be Accessible

The opportunity to leave a testimonial should be both obvious and easy. Make sure that your clinic has active accounts on sites like Google, Yelp, FB, etc. These sites come with their own prompt options to leave reviews, making it easy and accessible for past and present patients to leave a testimonial about their experience.

Don’t Be Shy, Ask

Most happy patients want to share their experiences. However, many aren’t sure if you or others care to hear it. 9 times out of 10 if you ask a patient for a testimonial they’ll be happy to oblige. If for some reason the testimonial is not up to par with past experiences, feel free to take this opportunity to find a way to correct the mistakes and apply the learnings to future patients.

Make it Fun

Just like you, patients are busy with their own lives. While leaving a review or testimonial shouldn’t take the same effort as writing a new Great Classic, it does take time. This means that it may not be priority for patients. However, small, fun incentives can change the way patients view testimonials. Incentives like $10 gift cards or raffles can improve the possibility and likelihood a patient leaves a testimonial. Check with your State’s guidelines to ensure you’re abiding by incentive and giveaway rules in regards to medicine and physical therapy.

Bonus Tip….

Before you go posting that glowing testimonial or review be sure that you have legal, written permission. Whether it’s a written testimonial accompanied by a name and photo or not, you’ll need to get the O.K. from the patient before posting anywhere. This is to show to your past, present, and future patients that you are still committed to their privacy. If a patient asks you not to use their name or their name with their testimonial, you are legally required to oblige.

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