Are Online Patient Reviews Important?

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The short answer is yes. And while we could wrap up this whole article with that one word, we want to help you understand why online reviews are important.

Patients Trust Reviews

It’s difficult enough trying to find a reputable restaurant, let alone trying to find a trustworthy physical therapist. Patients who are new to the area or have never used a physical therapist before will often turn to the Internet. Patients will be looking for other people like them who have had good experiences. So encourage your patients, past and present, to leave your office a review on Google or Yelp.

Reviews Help Your Marketing Efforts

The value and benefit of testimonials on review sites can extend beyond these websites. You can incorporate positive reviews and testimonials to be used in your marketing efforts.

Be sure to obtain permission from your patients to use their name and review before publishing it across your social platforms or in your marketing campaigns.

Identify Problems and Trends

Online reviews can help you improve your in-office experience. Tracking reviews will allow you to identify trends and problems that patients are experiencing and give you the opportunity to improve on them. But it’s not all about the negative reviews, either! If several of your reviews comment on your ability to treat low back pain or knee pain you can use that to tailor your marketing efforts to target those who suffer with those issues.

Generating Buzz

Generating buzz online through patient reviews can have a dramatically positive effect on your practice and your patients. This year stay on top of your online reviews and encourage patients to speak up about their experience.

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