5 Tips to Create an Advertising Plan for Your Physical Therapy Clinic

Running, managing, and promoting your own physical therapy clinic is difficult enough. But add in a global pandemic, recession, and changing world and you’ve got yourself a new set of unique challenges. However, with the right advertising plan you can create a winning strategy that benefits both your clinic and patients.

1) Consider Your Client Base

While we believe that everyone can benefit from physical therapy, when it comes to an advertising strategy you need to think about your client base. Are they young or older? Are they suffering from a recent injury or are they dealing with long-term, chronic pain? Will they require extended treatment or will a take-home plan suffice?

Determining who your client base is and what they’re about will help you hone in on your advertising strategy. This will help you determine things like budget, imagery, copy/captions, frequency, and where you can and should reach them.

2) Choose your Platforms

Once you determine who your target base is, you can now start to think about the best ways to reach them. Are they online? If so, what platforms do they use the most? Will Facebook and Instagram be enough or do you need to expand into email marketing? Don’t forget about direct mail marketing; it’s not dead yet!

Once you choose your platform, you should start forming a frequency strategy. Will you reach them daily on social media? Bi-weekly or weekly via email? Or will a quarterly direct mailer be enough?

Don’t be afraid to try more than one platform at once. Even within your specific base you will find that there are outliers and surprises.

3) Don’t Be afraid to Negotiate

If and when you choose to go with a direct mailer or advertising placement within a local or national magazine, don’t be afraid to negotiate rates. Asking for a rate sheet or rate card can help you determine ad sizes, placements, and prices.

When you are in the middle of negotiations make sure that you ask about the ad placements reach and how many people are subscribed to the specific publication. This can be used a negotiation tool that could help you negotiate a lower ad rate without compromising ad size or placement.

4)Outsource Design Work

Everyone has a job and yours is to make sure patients feel their best. Don’t be ashamed if your design skills aren’t up to par. Additionally, don’t stress about it. Outsourcing your ad design work can help you stay focused on your own job and ensure that your ads are a sucess.

Struggling to find someone to outsource to? Local colleges are brimming with students eager for the creative opportunity to create ads for local businesses and start building their resumes. You can also find designers on Fiverr or other freelance type websites.

5) Track Your Success

One of the best ways to ensure that your marketing and advertising strategy is a success is to keep a record of how each platform and ad does. For digital ads, most platforms will track the analytics and make this information available. However, for any type of print media you may need to negotiate the amount and access to information that you will be privy to.

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