5 Marketing Mistakes Your Physical Therapy Clinic is Making

Marketing your physical therapy clinic can feel a bit risky. Between marketing mishaps, the ever-changing algorithms, and industry rules and regulations, you might ask yourself, “what’s the point?”

Marketing is an essential piece of running a successful physical therapy practice. While word-of-mouth is great, quality marketing can help you reach and expand into new areas and markets.

But even the best marketing strategy is prone to mistakes and holes. Whether you’re starting your marketing strategy from the ground up or you are trying to readjust your current strategy, these are the top 5 mistakes to avoid.

Highlighting Your Services and Not The Benefits

Physical therapy, at its core, is relatively the same at each clinic. However, many people, even those familiar with physical therapy, may not be aware of the benefits of each service you provide.

Rather than marketing your services, market and highlight their benefits.

When you highlight the benefits, you’re helping to explain your services in a way that people will better understand and relate to. For example, if you highlight benefits like reduced shoulder and neck pain, reduce back pain, etc. these terms and conditions people are going to relate more closely with. If they can relate closely to the benefits of your services they will better understand how you can help them achieve their treatment goals.

Not Marketing to Your Current Patients

Just because they were or are a patient of yours doesn’t mean they have a full understanding of everything your physical therapy clinic can offer them.

Marketing isn’t just about selling. It’s about developing a strong, long-standing relationship with you and your past, present, or future patient. By marketing to your current patient you are strengthening the current relationship you already hold.

Failing to market to your current patients leaves room for another clinic or service provider to swoop in and convert them to their patient. Stay in touch with your patients through strategic marketing that keeps them informed and connected.

Not Maintaining Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Have you been successfully running Facebook or Google Ads? Or maybe you have been consistently using social media to organically market in your area? Whichever method you’ve been using (maybe you’re a total guru and have been using both), you need to stay consistent. Failing to maintain your online marketing campaigns can cost you big in the long run.

Digital marketing, whether organic or paid, is a great way to stay in touch with past, present, and future patients. 43% of Internet users will search social media when researching things to buy.

According to Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group, 41% of people say that social media impacts their decision when choosing a hospital or healthcare provider.

Staying active online can help you effectively and efficiently market your physical therapy clinic and its services (and don’t forget the benefits) to a wide audience for little to nothing on the dollar.

Ignoring Your Competition

Because physical therapy is so personal, it’s not uncommon or out of the realm of ordinary for people to be willing to travel far for treatment. This means that even if you’re the only clinic in your town, that doesn’t guarantee you longevity or success.

Whether your competition is across town or in another state, failing to keep tabs on them can hurt your PT clinic in the long run. While we don’t recommend cyber stalking them, simply keeping tabs on their digital, print, and email marketing is a great way to see what the competition is doing and how you compare.

Not Tracking Your Results

Implementing a strong marketing plan is only the first step. Tracking your results helps you determine where your time and dollars are best spent. When you’re not tracking your results, your marketing efforts can appear to be fruitless. Which is why so many physical therapy clinics give up before they’ve even started.

Additionally, tracking your results could help you identify markets you may be missing out on.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and many social media platforms already have their own form of analytics that you can access through your settings. These analytics can help you successfully track your marketing efforts without increasing your total marketing costs.

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