4 Tips for Managing Staff and Patients Who Won’t Comply with Mask Mandates

Whether you are pro-mask or anti-mask the situation is that masks are mandated in many cities and states regardless of how you feel about them. Unfortunately, the mask mandate has caused a series of controversies for both employees and employers.

If you’re struggling with staff or patients complying with your city or state’s mask mandate, here are a few tips:

Share All Policies in Advance

For staff or patients that initially won’t comply, give them the benefit of the doubt. Not everyone is tuned in all the time and with so much new information happening at lightening speed, it’s easy to miss something important.

Sharing your policies in advance with patients and staff can help avoid any mishaps, embarrassing arguments or outbursts. You should share your policies in advance on these platforms:

  • Social media: quickly share your new policies for your PT clinic on ALL of your social media platforms. Make sure you allow the post to be sharable so that your friends, family, and followers can share it with their audiences.
  • Email: Not everyone checks social media. This leaves them an opportunity to miss out on an important update or message as your policies adapt and change.
  • Employee Only Channels: Your employees may not be on your email list or may not check your social following as closely, as say, a patient. Make sure that you’re updating your staff through your employee only communication channels.

Provide Masks at the Door

After all, we are only human and to err is to human. How many times have you left your front door, gotten to your car, only to realize that you’ve forgotten your mask. It happens it even the most careful and thoughtful of us.

Keeping a stock of disposable and/or purchasable reusable masks at your front door can supplement for those forgetful mornings and afternoons. Remember, these tactics are to help avoid situations escalating unnecessarily. Providing masks allow you to give patients and staff an opportunity to correct their behavior.

Train Your Staff on How to Deal with Non-Compliant Patients

Despite your best efforts you will still come across people who simply just want to fight. While you can protect your staff to the best of your ability, there will be instances where you won’t be around or available.

Train your staff on how to de-escalate situations where patients are refusing to be compliant with your business’ rules. Even though no one likes confrontation, it is sometimes a necessary evil.

The Crisis Prevention Institute has some useful information on how to de-escalate a situation. Techniques like allowing silence, using clarifying messages, and focusing on feelings can help you and your staff remain in control of an escalating situation.

Collect Information if Patients or Staff Attempt to Invalidate the Legality of Your Mask Requirement

Unfortunately, the rules surrounding CoVid and mask use are not a federal mandate, it can be difficult for you to truly enforce the use of masks. Fortunately, the rules are left up to business owner discretion. This means that even if your city or state is not currently mandating mask usage, you as a PT clinic owner can.

If for some reason someone is not willing to wear a mask you are within your rights as a PT clinic owner to refuse service. This is similar to the “no shoes, no shirt, no service” rules of protection for business owners. You may be required to take down someone’s information to either look up more information regarding their claims or keep their info to ensure they can’t come back and harass your staff.

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