4 Steps to Adapt Your Physical Therapy Clinic During COVID

It’s a new era and we’re all trying to learn as we go. Whether your physical therapy clinic is fully open and operational or your still working at reduced capacity, there are easy ways to make this transitional period feel easier. These 4 easy steps are designed to help your physical therapy clinic staff and patients adapt and adjust during this uncertain time.

Gather Feedback

What works for one physical therapy clinic may not work for yours. Between differing local, state, and national laws and space issues, the suggestions you read may not work for you.

So, how can you keep staff, patients, and yourself safe? Gather feedback. Reach out to your staff and your patients to determine what the best next steps are. You can do this through a private Google survey form for your staff and email list. Or, if you’d like a broader audience, simply ask your Facebook friends.

Encourage people to be nice and courteous but open and honest about what their fears are regarding in-person treatment and interactions.

Evaluate Your Telehealth Program

Technology has made this transitional period that much easier. While there is still a major learning curve for industries of all types, tech and the Internet have made treatment continuation possible.

However, prior to CoVid19, you may not have paid much attention to your Telehealth program. In fact, you may not have even had one. Many physical therapy clinics have had to adapt and adjust their Telehealth programs to meet the needs of their patients while simultaneously complying with the measurements and rules of state’s HIPPA requirements.

What does your Telehealth program look like? The great thing about investing in Telehealth for physical therapy is that you can use it beyond the terms of CoVid19. You may find that some patients prefer utilizing the Telehealth options for a variety of personal reasons.

Adjust Your Marketing Strategy

Promoting in-clinic offers and opportunities may not appeal to your audience right now. As a result, you may not be seeing any ROI on your marketing strategy. The solution? Adapt!

Adjusting your marketing strategy to reflect the actions and steps you’re taking to keep your physical therapy clinic staff and patients safe is a great way to market right now.

Your marketing should mainly focus on the “how” and “why.” As in, how are you ensuring staff and public safety or how can patients safely receive treatment. The “why” should explain the reasoning behind the actions you are taking.

If you’re worried about negative feedback or upsetting your audience, understand that you can’t please everyone. The safety of your physical therapy clinic staff and patients should be your #1 priority.

Establish a Disaster REcovery Plan

While we might see a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel, we certainly aren’t out of the dark yet. For many states, the second wave is gearing up to hit again. We highly recommend sitting down with your staff (virtually or safely-distanced) and establishing a recovery plan.

This plan could include extended Telehealth options, stricter in-person precautions or a complete shutdown with a timeline to let them know when you’ll open back up.

What this plan looks like will differ from clinic to clinic. Please understand that you may not need one at all but those who fail to plan simply plan to fail. Disasters are a part of life, so be prepared.

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