4 Physical Therapy Marketing Metrics that Matter

4 Physical Therapy Marketing Metrics That Matter

Vacancy Rate

This is the percentage of open, unscheduled time on your therapists’ calendars. You can find your vacancy rate by counting the number of unbooked hours on your clinical staff’s schedule over a given time period and divide that total by the number of total bookable hours. Take that number and multiple it by 100 to get a percentage.

To reduce your vacancy rate you can

  • Reduce no-shows- Send out appointment reminders, provide appointment cards, and call 1 day before appointment.
  • Reduce cancellations- Ask for feedback every time you see a patient. Ask how they think their progress is going and provide realistic solutions.
  • Offer pre-booking- Offering advance bookings can help fill up your books so you limit your vacancy rates.

Email Open Rates

Open rate is a simple but important metric that can provide insight into your email list’s engagement. The average email open rate in 2018 was about 24.88%. The industry average for health and fitness email open rates is about 20.06%. So, what does a good email open rate look like? If your rate sits at 25% or higher you’re in the green!

Email open rates can also identify the quality of your subject lines. If your email list isn’t engaging with your emails then reconsider subject lines, content, and send times.

Audience Engagement

Are people interacting with your posts or are you just yelling into the void? Remember, social media isn’t just for posting and going– it’s an incredible and FREE educational tool.

There are over 2 billion active users on Facebook and 1 billion active users on Instagram. Which means you’ve got a major opportunity to engage and educate BILLIONS of people. So, which posts get the most engagement? 61% of social media marketers suggest prioritizing content that teaches and educates.

Posting videos or static photos of stretches and light exercises users can do at home to alleviate common problems like back, hip or shoulder pain are a great way to get your audience to engage with your posts.

Audience Reach

The purpose of social media is to reach a wide audience but the average reach of the post isn’t all that great. The average post reach is 10.7% which may seem high but when you consider how many people are actively using social media, you realize that’s a small number of people.

To improve your audience reach you can utilize Facebook (150 million story users) and Instagram (400 million story users) stories, sponsor posts, and sponsor ads.

Metrics Matter

It might seem like another thing you have to keep track of but the reality is that metrics matter. Don’t forget to use the Internet to find a wide array of resources to help you keep track of important success metrics for your practice.

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