4 Keys to Create Content Your Clients Will Actually Read

4 Keys to Creating Content Your Clients Will Actually Read

As a smart practice owner, you know the importance of creating content to distribute digitally to your audience. However, it’s not always that simple. Creating content versus creating content your clients will actually read is defined by a very thin line. Fortunately, we’ve got our favorite tips to help you create awesome content!

Know Your Audience

Most people create content and just assume that it’s what their audience wants to read. But when you start generalizing what your audience wants to read, that’s when you start to lose them. Get to know your patients on a more personal level to find out what they’re most interested in. Here are some questions to ask them so you can create content that’s valuable to them.

  • How do they like to spend their time?
  • Do they like being outdoors?
  • Do they like to exercise? If so, what type? (pilates, yoga, running, walking, hiking, etc.)
  • Do they enjoy art?
  • What are their favorite movie and music genres?
  • Where do they get their health information? (doctor, blogs, forums, newsletters, etc.)

Create a Schedule

And then stick to it. There’s no purpose in creating content if you’re going to release it sporadically. However, this doesn’t mean you need to create content to be released every day. If you choose to release content 1x a month, then stick to that schedule. Try not to overload your audience and stick to a 1-3x a week content schedule.

If you’re feeling overloaded, don’t be afraid to outsource some of the work. Writing, scheduling, and content creation can be outsourced to an individual or agency who can help you create valuable content on your schedule.

Write Well

This might seem like a no brainer but writing well is a little more difficult than it seems. Not everyone is an Ernest Hemingway but you don’t need to be a renowned author to create great content. You simply need to write clearly and concisely. Again, if this is difficult for reasons like being unable to find the time to write, don’t be afraid to outsource the work.

Streamline Your Work

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