3 Ways to Market Your PT Clinic’s Culture

3 Ways to Market Your PT Clinic’s Culture

When a patient chooses a physical therapy practice they’re choosing more than just a niche clinician. Patients are looking for an office environment that they feel comfortable in and want to spend their therapy time in. However, it’s not easy to always get the vibe of a clinic from the Internet alone.

Help your current and future patients get a better understanding of your PT clinic’s culture with these 3 tips.

1. Blog About What’s Happening in Your Office

Sure, it might seem like everyone has a blog but that doesn’t mean having a blog is useless. Aside from being a great online touchpoint and improving your SEO scores, they’re a great resources for past, current, and future patients. A blog can be the first place patients interact with you.

So what are some good blog topics to get started with? Our favorites are:

  • Company parties
  • Volunteer events
  • Learning events
  • Company get-togethers

Some additional topics you might consider are light exercises, trends in physical therapy, and any new additional services you offer that patients might be interested in.

2. Host an Event

Events are a great way to connect with your community outside of the traditional PT atmosphere. They help you understand the underlying needs of those in your community. Which, in turn, help you to be able to provide value beyond the office. Consider throwing volunteer events, learning events or charity fundraisers.

At these events, you can simply be a sponsor or vendor, while at others you may want to take on a greater role. Use these events as an opportunity to not only showcase your office and clinicians but to show where and how you fit into the community.

3. Network with Local Businesses

Teamwork makes the dream work in and outside the office. Seeking out other area health providers can help build a strong network for patients. For example, seek out non-competing area providers like acupuncturists, massage therapists, and trainers help to create an informal network within your community.

Getting patients involved on and offline will help create a sense of community and confidence. You already know how awesome your office clinicians and admins are, now it’s time to share their awesomeness with everybody else!

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Brook Phillips


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