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3 Ways to Involve Your PT Staff in Your Marketing

Even if you’re one of the best clinics in your area, having a great marketing strategy can attract new patients and remind past patients of new services that may be beneficial to them.

While your patients may be your best marketing asset, your clinicians are also an amazing resource to market your clinic. Help get your clinicians and staff involved with these fun marketing efforts.

Get Your Clinicians to Rep Your Brand

Brand marketing can go a long way towards building lasting awareness about what your clinic has to offer. T-shirts, pens, hats, coozies, etc. are all ways to build team spirit and advertise your clinic. Incentivize your staff to wear your gear by creating a contest or rewards program for the staff members with the most team spirit. Prizes may include PTO, bonuses, and everyone’s favorite thing– cash.

Encourage Community Outreach

Connecting with your local community is an effective way to organically bring in new patients. Additionally, community outreach helps you to better understand the needs of your community. Consider hosting a Yoga even in-office or at a local, popular park. Maybe one of your staff members is an avid climber and would love to share their love for climbing and passion for physical therapy with the community by hosting an indoor climb and educating climbers on common injuries.

Leverage Their Online Network

The average person has about 338 friends on Facebook alone. That’s 338 people that could become potential patients! Ask your clinicians to share blog posts, events or tips on to their personal timelines to reach a wider network.

But, you shouldn’t rely solely on your clinicians to share information. Your clinic should have its own Facebook page to share important information like location, hours, events, tips, and staff updates. While managing a Facebook page may seem like the straw that breaks the camel’s back, social media is an amazing and free tool to market your services in and beyond your local area.

There are tons of creative ways you can use your clinicians and social media to market your clinic. All it takes is a little creativity and savvy to create a successful marketing strategy.

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Brook Phillips

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