3 Technologies You Can Use To Stay in Touch With Your Patients

The beauty of technology is its ability to keep you in contact with your friends, family, and loved ones. But as we better understand how to implement technology into our lives, we’re finding that it has purposes beyond just social and entertainment.

From video chat tech to at-home exercise platforms, these are the 3 pieces of new tech your physical therapy clinic needs.

Video Chat

You’re probably well-versed with video chat tech. Between Zoom happy hours and holiday dinners shared through screens, video chat technology is one of the easiest pieces of tech for your physical therapy clinic to utilize.

Because you’ll still need to abide by HIPPA’s rules, you’ll need to perform a comprehensive risk assessment on any 3rd party tech you use. However, the Office for Civil Rights recommends Zoom for Healthcare for compliant video chat tech.

Digital Home Exercise Programs

While tech has made it easier for us to stay in touch with the people and patients in our lives, you also know that there’s still a bit of a disconnect; especially with trying to keep patients engaged during treatment.

To battle against the disconnect in engagement tech brings about, you can utilize physical-therapy based digital games. These games can be found on their own platforms or patients can use gaming-systems they already own. Programs like MIRA or P.O.V (available in the Apple Store) are just two digital home exercise programs your clinic can use to treat patients from home.

Secure Email System

Whether you’re treating new patients or past, you’ll still need a secure way to administer documents. A secure email system that is HIPPA compliant will make sending treatment documents easier. You may currently already have a secure email system in place or you may need to reevaluate if your system is HIPPA compliant.

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